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Out of Character Rules

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Out of Character Rules

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:32 pm

1) Advertising : Do not advertise anywhere other then the forums listed specifically for "Advertisements". If you are caught doing this you will be banned from posting for 24 hours.

2) Shops and Artwork: Make sure your artwork has been copyright to you so that nobody can simply steal it. Also, when it comes to opening a shop, make sure your items are within reasonable pricing, and that nothing you are selling is already in the pack store.

3) Chat : Make sure nothing inappropriate or triggering (suicide , abuse , miscarriage, etc) iis in your post, as that is not something our members need to know nor stress about. These things should not be posted in the chatbox, or anywhere else for that matter.

4) No Exchanging of Social Media: This means no exchanging of numbers , Facebooks , Twitter , Instagram , Snapchat , or Skype should be going on. Deviantart, Photobucket , and Gamer accounts can be exchanged, but anything allowing for someone to find you is not allowed.


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