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In Character / Roleplay Rules

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In Character / Roleplay Rules

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:19 pm

1) Stay Active: Other members can nit post unless you stay on schedule with getting your rp posts in at a good time. It is preferred that you post within 24 hours after the person above you posts or let a staff member know that you can not. This way, he/she can move on with roleplaying and edit her post so that she is not forced to wait on you.

2) Word Counts : Posts in the In character forums are required to have a minimum of 100 words. That is not at all a lot, and should be maintainable within the 24 hours given for you to make a post.

3) Ask Before Changing The Plot : Mini plots are fine and actually suggested for members to create, however, you will need to ask the Admin before you begin as it may counteract with a plot the pack has going on and/or coming up. After you have been given the thumbs up, you need to post in the Wanted Ads explaining your plan and who you will need to rp with you. Only after you get enough roleplayers (can range between one and two people ) will you begin to merge your plot into rp.

4 ) Ranks Are Earned Not Given : This means you do not ask a high ranking wolf in roleplay for a rank. If you are to be promoted into a rank whether it is low or high, it will be brought to your attention. Those who ask for ranks often make chances for themselves less likely.


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