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Site Wide Rules

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Site Wide Rules

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 19, 2017 8:53 pm

1) Do Not Bully For any reason what so ever. Bullying is something not taken likely and if caught will result in an immediate ban.

2) Keep Things Within The PG13 Rating. This means yes cussing is allowed (to a minimum) but things such as graphic, gory, or sexual material is not. If caught being inappropriate , you will be placed into the Newcomer rank for 3 days. The number will go up by an extra 3 days each strike you get, and of course; three strikes and you are out.

3) Do Not Steal Our Work. There is a guest account that guests can log into, however we ask that you do not steal our work, pictures, plots, and anything else we worked hard to create. Everything is copyright to it's original owners, if you wish to use something simply ask.

4)Do not join the site without having your joining form approved, and you must register with your character's name.

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